lml Uchchasha Academy Pvt Ltd

About Us

We are experienced with providing teaching in various subjects since last 25 years,that is why we have known from our mammoth experience about the various problems faced by the students. We are providing excellent study materials and audio-visual method of learning. In imminent future, we are going to arrange online examinations and evaluation of knowledge possessed by our students. Even after completion of that very online examination we are going to provide an accredited certificate for facing with the real life’s challenge.

Our mission:

Since the evolution , we have crossed several ages. But at present we are going through digital age. With the advancement of technology, we have got some extraordinary gadget like smart phone , android tablet , advanced computer , laptop and vsat etc. All these gadgets is capable to satisfy one’s inquisitive. We are just trying to make one’s inquisitive in more friendly and commandeer. We are providing online education by 24 x 7 x 365 basis. The choice of place , time of taking education or other parameters will only be choose by the person who has got inquisitive for taking education.

Our vision :

First of all , we endeavour our level best to reach every Indian who wants to learn English and basic computer education. Very soon we are going to launch the study materials associated with service based competitive examination like PSC , Rail , Bank ,SSC , WBCS , IAS etc. Besides , we will provide study materials and audio-visual education for class 11 & 12 Science(Physic & Mathematics) and JEE , AIEEE , main- advanced etc very soon.

Happy New Year Offer :


30 PAIRSSILVER6, 000/-
80 PAIRSGOLD11,000/-
400 PAIRSSMART25,000/-
800 PAIRSDIAMOND50,000/-